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Sea Freight Containers

The container is the loading unit used for the intermodal transport of goods. With the international agreements that took place in the 1970s, the standardization of container sizes, measurements and volumes was carried out, and the spread of Container ISOInternational Organization for Standardization Container for air, sea and land transport. The use of the standard container has made it possible to increase the volume of goods transported, reduce damage to goods and improve logistic operations in terms of loading and unloading speed all over the world.

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Sea Freight Container



The agreements of the 1970s that led to the spread of the ISO Container established:

standard dimensions;
homogeneous attachments to improve handling;
unique number consisting of 4 letters (the first three identify the owner company), 6 numbers and a final number called check-digit, obtained from a calculation algorithm on the previous 4 letters and 6 digits. Currently, numerous types of containers can be used to meet all transport needs: Container Box, Container High Cube, Container Flat-Rack, Container Open Top, Temperature-controlled Fridge Container (Reefer), containers set up for the transport of hanging garments.
There are also Special Containers subject to availability by the carrier such as Tank-Containers and 45′ ft Containers.
Standard ISO containers can also be used for the transport of liquids, thanks to the installation inside the container of a flexible tank called Flexitank.
Cargomar is able to propose the most suitable solution to customer needs, considering the destinations served by the main carriers, the type of goods to be transported, optimizing transport times and costs.

Compliance with C-TPAT


Guidelines for the proper loading a Container:

Cargomar announces to all the customers that:
• the size and characteristics indicated below are to be considered only as a guide;
• Each Carrier can have equipment with slightly different measurements;
• it’s compulsory to load the maximum weight indicated on container doors and to respect always the restrictions laid down by the country of importation;
• Cargomar has no responsibility about the mismatch between what is indicated below and the actual dimensions/particularities of the equipment booked;
• it is necessary to take into account the loss of space due to the size of the packages;
• in accordance with the rules of the C-TPAT program and for services related to traffic routes U.S., Cargomar has established procedures for containers inspection used, which must be communicated to the loader;
• it is necessary to inspect the container before loading to verify the absence of damage; • it is necessary that goods are well stuffed and properly secured inside the container;
• the equipment used for stuffing will not damage the container. Example: Do not use heavy forklift to stuff the goods, because they could damage the wood flooring;
• you need to check that your goods are properly packaged to avoid damage from damp or saltiness during sea transport;
• the shipper has to seal the container;
• the stuffing has to occur within the time allowed by the current transport rules;
• in the case frozen, liquid and hazardous goods haulage, it’s necessary to follow the recommendation that our staff will communicate you to avoid stuffing damage.

Groupage Transportation



Thanks to the collaboration with an ever increasing number of consolidator, We are able to supply:

  1. Extensive Network of warehouses (Hubs) in all the main countries of the world with  costs optimization and transit times;
  2. Service at destination inside our network;
  3. Door-to-door collection and delivery of goods;
  4. Weekly or biweekly departures for all main destinations/origins of the world;
  5. Ancillary services: packing and packing of goods, treatment of wooden packaging according to international regulations, all risk insurance, loading appraisals and more.
Special Container


Cargomar quickly prepares the containers due to an efficient organization that operates close to La Spezia port, considered a strategic hub given the number of shipping companies serving this port.

Cargomar manages the service by carefully dealing with all stages of transport processing:

  1. selection of the most suitable containers;
  2. setup of the internal walls of the container protecting the items from potentially harmful agents such as humidity, dust, odors;
  3. preparation of the load-bearing structures (bars / hangers);
  4. positioning of the cntrs set up at the loading companies with vehicles equipped with satellite surveillance;
  5. forwarding to the port of loading;
  6. customs export formalities;
  7. dismantling and demolition of equipment at the receiving companies with return of containers to carriers in perfect integrity.
Liquid Transport in Containers


Over the years Cargomar has developed considerable know-how in the management of the transport of non-hazardous liquids by means of flexible tanks – Flexitank. The use of this logistic solution has supported the chemical industry and the wine sector by solving the problems associated with traditional shipping methods.

Cargomar works exclusively with suppliers who use Flexitank with quality compliant with food transport, US FDA Standards and EEC Directives. The latest construction techniques allow the production of Flexitank with the elimination of longitudinal seams that allow the reduction of risks, defects and failures. These new materials, such as Ethylene Co-Polymer, provide greater elastic properties, greater energy absorption and consequently greater physical strength, durability and the relative safety of the loaded goods.
The flexible Flexitank tanks are capable of holding up to 24,000 liters and are set up inside a standard 20-foot maritime container. These new materials make it possible to exploit every centimeter of space available during transport and it is estimated that it is possible to ship over 25% more goods than traditional methods, for example exceeding the limits imposed by the ISOTANK tank tanks, whose exorbitant costs of rental and complex cleaning operations aimed at avoiding contamination of the transported goods, decrease the efficiency of the transport cycle, increasing shipping costs.

Cargomar is able to supply and set up Flexitank throughout the national territory and takes care of all the transport phases:

  1. selection of the most recent containers;
  2. setting up the Flexitanks inside standard 20 ‘containers;
  3. positioning of the Flexitanks set up at the loading companies with the use of drivers with proven experience in the transport of liquids;
  4. forwarding to the embarkation ports;
  5. completion of customs export formalities;
  6. dismantling and demolition of equipment at the receiving companies, and return of the containers to the sea carrier.
Special Transport


The maritime transport of goods of unconventional dimensions or weights represents a sector in which Cargomar has developed considerable know-how over the years.

We specialize both in the transport of oversized goods through the use of special containers such as Open Tops, Platforms, Flatracks, and in the management of transport under the Break Bulk regime.

Competence and experience allow the realization of shipments of goods outside the usual standards, from any origin to any destination in the world in absolute safety.

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