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Freight Transportation Insurance

Freight Transportation Insurance

The Company Policy

During the transport analysis phase, Cargomar always offers its customers insurance coverage for goods in addition to that offered by the carrier. Thanks to the support of our insurance consultants, we analyze the needs of individual customers so as to be able to identify all risks and negotiate the right coverage to protect the goods.

It is possible to stipulate insurance contracts with tariffs associated with the type of goods subject to the return of the goods, covering not only the full value of the goods shipped, but also the accessory costs, the cost of the insurance itself and the profit hoped for in the non-sale, in compliance to international conventions on goods insurance in international transport.

Cargomar, and its consultants, assist the customer in all the phases relating to the stipulation of the policy, from the claim reporting activity (claim management) to the liquidation of the damage and compensation in respect of the pre-established deadlines.

Cargomar Insurance Coverage

Insurance Guarantee

The guarantee works for all shipments in land and/or sea and/or air import/export and/or export of goods in containers and not except those specified below for which the Contractor has also received verbal order to provide insurance coverage .

Excluded from insurance are the transport of valuables, documents, coins, stamps, objects and precious materials, art and antiques, goods owned by employees, household goods and personal items, live animals, explosives.

In case of need may be issued insurance certificates, regularly negotiable, to confirm individual shipments.

Geographical Scope and Coverage

The guarantee is operative from and for the countries of the whole World , under the following conditions:
for transport with origin, destination or transit in countries in belligerent state and/or with social/political situations at risk as per “GLOBAL CARGO WATCH LIST”, website and the aforementioned “WATCH LIST” evidences for a given country the judgment “SEVERE RISK”, such transports must be considered excluded from the insurance coverage : therefore any transport with origin, destination or transit from, a or by locality of that country may be covered only upon prior request by the Policyholder/ Insured and under conditions and rates to be established from time to time before the start of the risk.

For all other countries highlighted in the WATCH LIST this Coverage will be considered to be operational, without prejudice to the burden of the Policyholder/ Insured to notify at the end of the year all transport with origin, destination or transit from, to or for locations in these countries and the payment of any relative Additional Premium at the time of the annual balance of the Policy Premium.
Furthermore, the Territorial Exclusion Clause is fully operative and does not include any risk to Iran, Syria, North Korea, Crimea, Venezuela, Cuba, Libya and Russia, or in their territorial waters, contiguous zone, exclusive economic zone (“Waters”), other than just passing without stopping in the aforementioned countries with the exception of international routes.

For the countries mentioned above, shipments/transports must be notified well in advance and coverage confirmed in writing by the Company.

Insurance Terms and Conditions

With regard to the packaging/stowage of the goods as they are prepared for the carrying out of the shipment are understood however accepted by the insurers (it is understood that the packing and stowage of the goods must in any case be arranged with due care and diligence).

The cover for the marine transports of live plants in container open top is lent in base to the Institute Cargo Clauses (A) but with the exception of the packaging defect and all the damage inherent in the nature of the goods transported to greater clarification is excluded withering in general and any form of deterioration due to temperature and/or lack of water

The coverage of the goods on ships is in automatic and is understood by the insurers if the same are not beyond the 30 years of age if classified as portacontainer and not beyond the 25 years for all the other types of ship. For these types of vessel there is no premium for the age of the vessel.

Exclusions and Limitations of the Warranty

Excludes damage resulting from defective packaging and natural deterioration of the insured goods, damage caused by delay and, in general, damage other than material and direct.

Where transport is carried out by lorries owned and/or directly managed by the Contracting Party, the theft and/or shortages guarantee shall be in operation on the condition that during the stops of the vehicles in transit they are kept in suitable, adequately protected garages, or in other spaces and/or areas with fences or with sufficient protection or where vehicles are monitored continuously, alternatively, the truck shall be equipped with a satellite anti-theft/anti-theft device which is in regular operation and connected with I Central Remote Surveillance Rank. 1.

Insured Amounts

Insurers shall be liable up to the following amounts:

€ 500.000,00               for airfreight or seafreight shipments

€ 2.000.000,00            for seafreight shipments (new machineries only)

€ 500.000,00               for roadfreight shipments including preliminary or subsequent roadfreight haulage of machinery as part of a seafreight shipment         

€ 250.000,00               for roadfreight shipments including preliminary or subsequent roadfreight haulage of machinery as part of a seafreight shipment.

Overdraft and Deductible

Uncovered 10 % minimum 250,00        for damage from theft, robbery and shortages in for  shipments of land only (on the occurrence of the first claim discovered will also be applied to preliminary sections; or after sea and/or air shipments)

Overdraft 10% minimum 250,00          for damage to goods due to cold failure

Discovered 10% minimum € 250,00     for damage from broken furniture including mirrors, glass and marble from the counter

Fixed deductible of € 250,00                  for each container and each claim for damage to glass articles

Fixed excess of € 250,00                          for all damage caused by the transport of live plants in open top container

Insurance Premium and Rate

The policy provides quarterly summaries based on the notifications made by applying the following rates including war risk/strikes and taxes:

0,12% for import shipments for all types of goods (except those excluded)

0,14% for export shipments for all types of goods (except those excluded)

The insurable value can be comprehensive of 10% as a profit hoped for shipments in import/export. With regard to sea shipments, these rates do not include any over-premium ship age as per the Institute Classification Clause and relative table of overpremiums.
If in the course of the annuality the risk rate War/ Strikes or the taxes of law varies, the above rates will undergo similar changes.
In any case, the minimum premium for each shipment is € 30,00 (including the risk of war and strikes, additional management and statutory taxes).

Notification of Risks

The Contractor must notify the details of shipments that can also be made to the broker of the contract Spett.le RODINÒ & PARTNERS as follows:

– for exports: within two days of dispatch

– for imports: as soon as it becomes aware and in any event before the journey ends in the port of fate


The policy was taken out on the basis of the information provided by the Contractor which, pursuant to Law 209/05 and IVASS Regulation no. 40/ 2018, considered the guarantee consistent with its needs. This “Fiche” has been designed to offer a tool that allows easy detection of the main conditions and terms of coverage.

We ask the Customer to carefully check the contents of the policy by informing us of any changes and/or additions to be made to the policy. 
It should be noted that according to the Civil Code, the Policyholder/Policyholder has the obligation to communicate to Insurers all the information and circumstances that may affect the risk, as well as any aggravating factors that may occur during the contract.

Failure to comply with this obligation may affect, in whole or in part, the settlement of any claims. Where possible, we introduce a clause on insurance to safeguard the Contractor/Insured in case of good faith. The data given in the “Fiche” are indicative only, as only the original policy, which is the only binding document between the parties, serves the contractual purpose.

Responsibility of the Carrier

The International Agreements

The Carrier is responsible for the loss and / or damage of the goods from the moment they are taken over to delivery to the recipient, unless he can prove that the loss or damage is due to unforeseeable circumstances, nature or defects of things, from their packaging, from mistakes made by the sender or recipient.
The International Conventions regulate the liability of the carrier in a differentiated manner also as regards the limit of compensation for damage.

Special Draw Rights

S. D. Rs

Special Draw Rights in English (SDRs) is an international financial instrument established by the Group of Ten in 1969 calculated on a basket of currencies established by the International Monetary Fund.
It is possible to obtain the listing of SDRs in the main financial newspapers or on the website of the International Monetary Fund.

Land Freight

Refund CMR
Established by the Geneva Convention.

National: 1,00 € per Kgs of Goods

International: 8,33 DSP*/Kgs Gross Weight of Goods

Sea Freight

Bruxelles Convention:
2 DSP per Kg lordo, or 666,67 DSP per package/unit

Amburgo Rules:
2,5 DSP per Kg gross, or 835 DSP per package/unit

Air Freight

Montréal and Warsaw Convention

National: 19 DSP/kg

17 DSP/kg gross of goods (Warsaw)
19 DSP/kg gross of goods (Montreal)

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